How do I get Bitcoin?

There are a range of ways to purchase Bitcoin, but the most common is through cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Coinbase.


1. Pick your exchange

There are countless cryptocurrency exchanges from which to buy Bitcoin. Make sure the one you select offers fiat-to-crypto exchange – that means buying Bitcoin with normal currencies such as euros or pounds. Popular exchange Coinbase is one of the easiest options for beginners.


2. Make your purchase

If you’ve picked Coinbase, depending on where you are located, you will be able to purchase Bitcoin using your debit or credit card. Other exchanges allow you to buy cryptocurrency via a SEPA bank transfer.


3. Pick your wallet

You are now the proud owner of Bitcoin. While you can hold your coins on the exchange you purchased them from, they are usually safer in a dedicated wallet. You can find the right wallet for you on the link below.


4. Spend, transfer or HODL your Bitcoin

To spend or transfer your Bitcoin, create a transaction from your wallet by entering in the address you want to send to and the amount you wish to send. Or if you prefer, just HODL – that’s the term the Bitcoin community uses for holding onto cryptocurrency in hope that it increases in value.