donates to Crypto Cup charity partner Parallel Polis

photo_2020-04-15 11.31.02 has made a donation to Crypto Cup charity partner Parallel Polis, covering 50% of the renovation costs towards their digital freedom truck and newest concept named ‘Decentruck’, a mobile café with a crypto ATM.

The Czech-based organisation, which specialises in educating society about digital freedom and security, has been based in Prague for the past five years with their Institute of Cryptoanarchy, where people can come and learn about new technologies and crypto, as well as buy coffee with bitcoin, try 3D printing and robotic cultivation with their ‘farmbot’.

With the complete renovation of Decentruck, Parallel Polis plans on bringing their ideas across Europe through various conferences, festivals, workshops, as well as refugee camp visits.

They have also partnered with several blockchain and tech conferences to introduce people to crypto by helping them through the process of buying their coffee with it.
Decentruck plans on exhibiting at Vicarage Road when the Watford FC and inaugural Crypto Cup takes place at its future date.